About us

Big Cottages was created by a Devon based partnership Jill Nielson and Judy Lawson. Already running a successful site 'Last Minute Cottages' they realised that there was a gap in the market for a site purely specialising in larger properties which cater for 8 people or more. Big Cottages is set up as a sister site to Last Minute Cottages and the two sites run side by side.

People looking for larger properties find it much easier to locate the right property when they know that they are all on the same site. Also it is more unusual to be looking for larger accommodation at the last minute as it takes a lot more effort to organise a large party of family and friends.

The properties on this site range from cottages sleeping 8 people to much larger country houses and estates sleeping up to 146 people which makes it ideal for anyone looking for a location for an event or wedding or even Christmas or New Year with friends.

We have kept the concept of the site as simple as possible with not too many search buttons which makes it much like looking through a brochure and all bookings and enquiries are taken by the property owners themselves.

If you would like any more information about Big Cottages or Last Minute Cottages please do not hesitate to contact Jill on 01805 804069 or email her at .

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We hope that you enjoy looking around the site!

Jill Nielson and Judy Lawson