The ultimate celebrity party house


At Big Cottages, there's always a reason to celebrate, and according to many of you, house parties are your favourite way to revel in enjoyment. Being greeted by a hug instead of an ID check; laughter and great conversations rather than shouting over deafening music; and easy access to drinks all night in place of long bar queues is why we couldn't agree more. But we'd say the best thing, especially if you're hosting a party of your own, is deciding who to invite. 

After quizzing our customers on who would make their ideal celebrity house party,  we weren’t disappointed. Every voter agreed that you don’t need to go abroad to enjoy an epic getaway – staycations for the win! An al fresco shindig at a beach-front dwelling (38%) was decided as the perfect location, but which legendary guests, including epic actors, royalty and politicians fit the bill? 

Which famous face will you invite to your dream house party?

Before we get onto which famous faces made the cut, tequila shots with a competitive game are a great way to break the ice. It’s a throwback to the 90s, but one game that never gets old is Mario Kart (23%), which came in pole position in the popular vote, above the almost offensive Cards Against Humanity (18%) and family favourite, charades (15%). 

Move over fantasy dinner parties! The public wants a dream party house with these stars



Battle Royal

Which royal is on the guestlist?



Family feuds have long been hanging over Buckingham Palace and the country has remained divided on which royal couple is their favourite. At Big Cottages, we’re proud to say we can finally put this fracas to rest. With more than twice as many votes as their rivals, William and Kate took the lead with 24%, compared to Harry and Meghan’s 11%. Yet, above all, it was the people’s princess, Diana, who was crowned the gem to invite to your ultimate house party, with 39%.



Leading Ladies

Which actress is on the guestlist?

Emma Watson

Hermione Gr… sorry, we mean Emma Watson (19%), doesn’t need to use a love potion for a place at your party house. Her humanitarian work and activism have gained her die-hard fans, putting her above the fantasy sensation Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke (14%) – despite this series gripping 46 million watchers. Cruising in at a deserving third place is Kate Winslet (12%) after pushing herself to the limit during filming for the new Avatar film – she held her breath for so long during an underwater shot that she thought she was ‘dead’.



Dishing out insults

Which celebrity chef is on the guestlist?

Gordon Ramsay

Heston Blumenthal (2%) has been ordered out of the kitchen and Mary Berry (10%) has been left with a bad taste in her mouth as nearly half of you want hot-headed Gordon Ramsay (45%) around to serve hell in the kitchen and heaven on a plate at your epic house party. It seems that the way to the heart is through the stomach after all, as the Iron Chef was the highest-scoring celebrity in all ten categories.



Don't mention number 10

Which politician is on the guestlist?

Boris Johnson

It’s an unwritten rule that you don’t talk about religion or politics at a gathering – but we’re here for the drama! The world kept voting for Matt Hancock (11%) to watch him chow down on questionable camel con carne, but it seems he’s only invited to dinner parties on the other side of the world. Instead, former prime minister Boris Johnson (32%) came out on top, ahead of heart-throb ‘Dishy’ Rishi (11%) – perhaps because he’s known to love a ‘work’ party.



Drop the mic

Which female artist is on the guestlist?


Rumour has it, three-time Grammy winner Adele (30%) is the most favoured female icon for a sing-along. Lily Allen complains it’s not fair after having 6% of the votes, and despite Amy Winehouse’s second-place position with 16%, her raw emotion and authenticity will always make a British legend.



The Animal Whisperer

Which TV personality is on the guestlist?

David Attenborough

His voice alone is enough to win him a space at our big weekend away. David Attenborough (30%) has been blessing British TV with his broadcasting for nearly 70 years as he’s worked hard to make the world a better place. Jeremy Kyle (3%) was the lowest scorer in the TV personality category – we’ll save his invite for the family Christmas party instead.



Karaoke King

Which male artist is on the guestlist?

Freddie Mercury

The exuberant frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury (23%), is the champion of the male star category. It was a battle of the bands, but The Beatles only came in at 9th place (7%), despite once claiming to be ‘bigger than Jesus’. Solo singer Ed Sheeran’s relatable lyrics and humble persona scored him second best with 21% – or maybe it was the idea of him recreating the cheesy campfire song on Game of Thrones that put him ahead of Elton John (8%) and George Michael (8%).



The Showdown

Which actor is on the guestlist?

Tom Hardy

After pondering over which actor would make a better Bond, Idris Elba was pegged in second place with 19% behind loveable Tom Hardy (23%). Although he’s famed for leading roles in dark, violent and thrilling blockbuster movies, the Venom actor has a soft side which shines through in the tabloids, making him the top choice for a party guest. Lagging behind is Daniel Kaluuya (2%) – after his role in the bone-chilling movie Get Out, we’re taking no risks for this party property turning into a horror house.



Going for gold

Which sports star is on the guestlist?

David Beckham

To guarantee all guests are kept in high spirits, some quality entertainment is needed. A competitive streak from a sports star will make garden games feel more intense than primary school sports day. He might be a two-time former unified world heavyweight champion, but it’s time for Anthony Joshua (13%) to throw in the towel after being defeated by David Beckham OBE (25%) in this fight. On the podium with a bronze medal is former footballer Gary Lineker (13%).



The last laugh

Which comedian is on the guestlist?

Jimmy Carr

It was a close call for who you want to be the clown of the house, but Jimmy Carr (20%) beat Rowan Atkinson from Black Adder (19%) by a slither – but there’s talk of a cunning plan for stealing centre stage. Lee Mack has been asked to stay home, he’s not going out after only receiving 11% of the votes.


A weekend filled with nostalgia, belly laughs and superstars – could it be the best Big Cottages break of all time? If you’re feeling inspired, we’ll provide the properties and send out the invites. Take a look at our grand getaways, which are fit for even royalty, dotted all over the country. Invite more than 20 of your nearest and dearest, or a bunch of celebs if you’d prefer, for a special celebration in a mansion with a vineyard, hidden woodland lodge or stylish city-centre apartment.

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